This page is meant to help new members learning to use github, contributing to the wiki and finding their “orientation guide”. A formal list of lab members can be found on the CSG homepage. Please slack a paragraph about yourself and optionally your favorite profile photo to Gao Wang if you would like to create a profile page like this to link from that list. You can also send a link to your profile on a professional service (eg, Google Scholar, linkedIn, github, ORCID, ResearchGate, …) as an alternative.

Name github handler Orientation tour guide Anything else you want to share
Gao Wang gaow - I consider myself a foodie (struggling with cholesterol control) and a musician (rusting drastically in skills)
Diana Cornejo dianacornejo Gao I love to travel, get to know people and cultures and learn new things everyday
Andrea Ucroz andreaucroz Diana I love animals, mostly dogs and cats and enjoy trying different restaurants and types of food every place I go
Hao Sun hsun3163 Diana I like making beats on the side
Haoyue Shuai haoyueshuai Diana I love painting, sketching, playing ukulele, and other artsy things
Duzhi Zhao dz2426   I love basketball and music (Jazz, Rock). I had a pop rock band called ‘Hermit’ during my undergraduate years and I played keyboard.
Yuqi Miao yuqimiao Hao Sun I love reading, cooking and Friends.
Olivia Wagner oew29   I enjoy running, baking, and board games.
Anmol Singh asingh100 Yuqi Miao I enjoy hiking, working out, trying new foods, and cooking.
Rongqing Jia rj2579 Yuqi Miao I enjoy traveling, swimming, and playing the violin.
Tabassum Fabiha tf2478 Rongqing Jia I enjoy baking, cross stitching, and making lace.
Samantha Figueredo sf2926 Tabassum Fabiha I like runnning and playing basketball. I am currently on a mission to try a majority (if not all) of all known fruity teas.